Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not again!

OK, Mother Nature, one day of snow was a bit of an inconvienience. But another day, today, of all days? The day I have to bake 5 batches cookies and I ran out of eggs on the first batch and my kids are home from school, again. Seriously?! I'm not complainin', just sayin'.


Kerri said...

No snow here...but my son has been home all week sick. It's been nice having him home...but I got stuff to get done! We'll take some of that white stuff, please!
Try and enjoy the'll get those cookies done!

Sarah said...

We are on our third ice day here and while the first two were fun, this is starting to suck(please excuse my harch language)! The same thing happened to me the other day. Ran out of eggs, ice all over the streets, crazy kids in my house, insane mom it did make. The retailers will be sad when I am not able to finish my Christmas shopping, my checking account will be happy it snowed, and I guess my kids won't have a clue to one less thing under the tree.

Hope you get all those cookies made despite all the extra helpers :)

Jill said...

Please keep the snow!! LOL I'm not ready for it yet:-)
Have a great night!