Wednesday, December 8, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Big tall hubby went to a conferencey-thing about tv and its effect on kids. (He brought home some really great information about ratings and I am so excited because I argue, yes argue, with my 7 year old about what is appropriate and what is not... we'll be going over that stuff dad brought home together.)

Anyway, he gave me the handouts (since I am the one in charge of tv time for the kids mostly) and this just blew me away...

A preschool child's risk of being overweight increases by 6% for every hour of television watched per day. If that child has a tv in his or her bedroom, the odds of being overweight jumped an additional 31% for every hour watched. (Source: Dennison, 2002, Pediatrics)

Holy smokers! Zoe and I just had a big debate/chat/talk about kids having tvs in their rooms. I am very much against it. She pulled the old, "so and so has one in their room..." I told her that she might never have a tv in her room and to just get over it. I told her she was not going to continue to be the best reader, artist, creative girl she is if she watches tv instead of doing other creative things. I was so glad to see this in writing. Sometimes that mother's instinct thing is pretty spot on awesome.

There is a TON more info about raising kids in this techie world we live in now at

Why am I sharing this on a "watchin' my weight post?" Well, I kind of figure, if kids watching tv negatively affects them, then guess what, it probably isn't too great for me either!

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Jill said...

I so agree! we watch very little television in this house and I refuse to let them have t.v.'s in their rooms. Not necessary at all.
I did a major study of the effects of t.v. on children in college, and i have stayed true to the course, as little t.v. as possible!
Have a great night!