Friday, December 3, 2010

long cold dreary winter

OK, a couple days ago we had some snow flurries and yes, I was complaining. I know that winter is coming every year, obviously, but it doesn't make me like it any more. (Do you all get sick of me complaining about hating cold?! Sorry, can't help myself.) Now I know why my house is TRASHED all the time and it is so stinkin' dirty/dusty! It's winter! (Well, not officially, just in weather terms.) And my kids are trapped inside. Well, they will go outside only if I go too. Big wimps.

I have been back to my cranky, grumpy, grumbling self and I didn't even realize it. "Who left their boots in the middle of the floor? Who left all the lights on in the basement again? Who forgot to clean up the toys in the kitchen, I'm trying to make dinner here!" You get the idea. I was in the midst of an under-my-breath tirade about crunched up leaves all over the carpet drug in on someone's shoes when I realized I have about six months of this and I'd better get used to it. **sigh**

Here are some of our tried and true winter blah busters...

watching movies in our jammies (photo from 2009)
puzzles and crafts

baths in the big tub (or the pool as Tanner calls it)
I promise to try really hard to not complain about winter. I am listening to Jimmy Buffet and dreaming of the beach, think that will work?

where I wish we were...


Kerri said...

I'm not a big fan of winter either Jenny...but I have a little more meat on my bones than you to help keep me warm!
Try and think of some good things about winter...snuggling on the couch w/ blankets, Christmas, a little slower pace, more scrapbooking time! This all works for me until about Feb. when I sometimes think I could use some happy pills! :)

Kerri said...

Just read your comment...and we saw Elf last Christmas for the first time....and LOVED it! Definately my new favorited Christmas movie!!