Wednesday, December 15, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

"We can't put our arms down!" I love torturing my kids!
Shoveling snow burns a ton of calories, right? That's what I told myself Monday as I was freezing to death trying to clear our driveway. The snowblower quit blowing snow about half way through, so I had to go all manual on our massive driveway.

Isn't it kind of silly to talk about watching my weight during this season of chocolate everywhere?! Seriously, I bought candy for teachers', friends' and community helpers' gifts and I swear I just keep having a little here and a little there. Ugh!

At my spinning class this week we were talking about the January rush would soon be on us. You know the crazy crowded, waiting for weights and machines that happens every January but stops by February because everyone and their brother decided to "get in shape" for the new year? Double ugh!

I have to go to a holiday party with my big tall hubby at work tonight and since I am a stress eater, I have been hitting that gift candy today, hard. Why am I stressed? Well, being around all these smart, educated, working, professional people, I get so nervous and worried that I will make him look bad. Too many years away from the workplace and adults will do that to a gal. Triple ugh!

I overslept today and missed my workout time. Will try to squeeze one in during nap/preschool time. Didn't even hear my alarm? I swear! Quadruple ugh!

So with all that, I find myself losing motivation. Usually I read a fitness magazine or book or check out a new DVD from the library to try. But the best motivator for me is new workout clothes. I hate to admit it. I know it is crazy but it works, for me anyway. I love new workout shoes, but those are like $100. Yikes! I love to browse the clothing section at Dick's but they are way too expensive for me. Those wicking shirts are great but not at $50 a pop.

I had to buy all new exercise clothes when I was Weight Watcher-ing hard and this was the way to go. I found the best workout clothes for the best price at Walmart. I know you Walmart-haters would never buy them, but if you are looking for inexpensive, cute, comfy, and washer/dryer friendly (some wicking stuff has to be line dried, who has time for that nonsense?!), the Danskin Now line is perfect!!! I found t-shirts and tank tops for $5-7 each. Pants and shorts are usually under $10. (Oh, and if you check clearance racks, woo hoo, shirts for like $2!) All my old stuff was about 10 years old anyway and short tank tops that exposed my belly were not going to work now. Those crazy '90's workout outfits! I really do try to make an effort to look decent at the Y. I don't put on makeup or anything but when I wear old junky clothes that I might sleep in sometimes, I swear I don't work out as hard.

I love all my Danskin Now pieces. I mix and match them and they are perfect for my gym workouts. If I was running a marathon or doing a triathalon (maybe someday!) I would of course buy the correct pieces at a specialty shop. (I've heard chaffing from a marathon is really horrible! So I'd be getting the right gear.) But for my YMCA bootcamp, spinning, and various other stuff, these are great.

So if you plan on hitting the gym or the pavement or the studio or whatever after the holidays, I highly recommend picking up some new duds, you'll be so glad and inspired!

Dear Santa, I'd like a Walmart gift card please ;)


Jill said...

You're a beautiful lady Jenny, those working ladies have nothing on you! ;-)Just think of all the amazing things you do each and every day to raise your wonderful children. You have a VERY important job, don't ever forget that. They will be amazed by all you do!
Have a great evening!

Kerri said...

I agree with Jill. You are awesome....go have a fun evening out at your hubby's Christmas party and enjoy yourself. I'm sure you will look super cute too! :)
Thanks for the workout clothes recomendation (sp?)...I am due for a few new things! I get tired of wearing the same old stuff to the gym!

Kerri said...

Me again! Forgot to tell you that my aunt makes buckeye's every Christmas and sends us some....we LOVE them!