Thursday, December 2, 2010

just wondering

Please tell me I am not the only mommy who feels responsible when her child makes a mistake?

You know like when your child throws a rock at the playground and hits someone.

Or when your child says, "look at that fat lady over there!" at the top of their lungs in the grocery.

Or maybe your child says something really bad on the bus and you have to deal with it when he/she gets home.

Or when your child goes in for his routine dental exam and the dentist finds three cavities! You promise you help him brush his teeth twice a day, even flossing them from time to time (come on, who flosses their kids' teeth every day?!)! You feel the horror of the dentist's glare over his safety goggles (aren't those things so obnoxious?!) and the embarrassment when you have to schedule another appointment for your child to get the cavities filled. Oh the shame of telling your big tall hubby about the cavities, he says, don't you make sure he brushes his teeth? (um, yeah, I do, every day and night as much as it annoys me!) Then do you vow to never let your child have sweets again? Well, not that I'd know anything about these things, I was just wondering...


Jill said...

LOL. I love his expression in this picture!

just wanted to let you know I'm doing a holiday giveaway..if you get a chance stop by to check it out:-) Have a great day!



Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i'm right there with you!! I'm ridden with guilt... everyday. and sometimes my kids can be such punks!

last year max had an ear infection for months... we couldn't shake the thing. everyone, absolutely everyone asked, time and time again, if i was giving him his antibiotic everyday. i wanted to shout back..."no, i didn't... i like it when my baby is in pain, you dummy!"

i didn't say that, but i wanted to and for that i feel guilty too! ACK!

Sarah said...

Ugh! The dentist stinks(I can say that because I used to work for some). I brush my kids teeth everynight too because of the possible guilt, so I'm right there with you. Oh and husbands-they can really put the icing on the guilt cake-even though they don'
t mean to(I think). Big hugs to you my dear friend.