Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love a good clearance sticker

I am forever the bargain hunter. I know where all the markdown racks and shelves hide in every store I shop. I head to those spots almost every trip first, I can't help myself. I went shopping last weekend with my mom (actually I looked she shopped) at a real mall and I was kind of lost, not knowing where to look or start. It was so weird, I used to love to shop at malls but now, not so much. Blame it on having kids, I tend to stick to Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby or Michaels, Kohls, and of course the grocery: stores I can go in quickly and get out fast with crying kids. The mall was so not fun. I literally felt like I was dodging bullets in th perfume/makeup session (perfect because they just spoofed this on "Modern Family" this week). Clerks were kind of rude and twice salespeople ignored my mom and I and left us for other customers- once we were looking at expensive watches. It made me think of "Pretty Woman" when she went back the next day to show the snotty sales girls who wouldn't wait on her bags of goodies she bought elsewhere.

Anyway, the point of all this, I found some totally good deals at Kroger (grocery) of all places last week.

These are not the deal, just my bags piled up in the sink, ready to be thrown in the washer. Actually I wanted to show you our new faucet! Ours has been broken for about a year and a half and we called Moen (our faucet brand) and they sent us this one free! It's true, "buy Moen for life" their slogan. I just love having a working faucet. Big tall hubby installed it, I am so glad. Plumbers are expensive!!!
I scored this cute leaf and acorn hangy thing (saving for next year).
For this much... $0.29!
It was $6 before the sale. Like any good bargain hunter, I peeled back the sale sticker to find the original price.

I also got beat up boxes of tissues for .29 each and turkey paper places for .29 also (saving for next year.)
I don't care that the boxes are beat up, because I put them in these cutey pie Longabergers, no one knows any different. Well you do now, but you won't hold it against me.
I almost always stick to my grocery list but these items were such a good value, I felt like they were worthy of getting. I remembered when I came home that I had a coupon for Kleenex tissues so I found it and clipped it to my receipt.

The next time I go to Kroger, I will in my most polite way, ask for a credit or adjustment, I usually tell them I forgot the coupon at home. This is the honest to goodness truth. They always help me with this and I do not feel the least bit bad doing it. I just put the receipt in my coupon pouch for my next trip. Not a big deal and I do love saving money for my family.
Yes, I have an obnoxious coupon/sales binder. I'll share that some other time. Be on the hunt for those red and orange stickers girls!

cost for 3 beat up boxes of tissues: $0.87
cost after I took the coupon to Kroger and got an adjustment: free!
Kroger doubles coupons up to a dollar, so I got a dollar off my order, thus I guess I technically made $0.13! Yay me!


Jill said...

Awesome deals!! I just love finding a great bargain! We don't have a Kroger here, but that is so awesome they do that. :-)
Have a great night!

Brooke G. said...

Now, those are some seriously good deals!!!

Jen said...

Great deals. Tissues are tissues, right?
I get inspire when I read things like this!
Have a great day!