Friday, March 11, 2011

grocery store woes

Do you know how they say you spend a third of your life in bed? I was thinking they should figure out how much of our life we spend at the grocery. I swear I feel like I spend hours there. I am always needing something, even my most well planned trips and organized lists leave me driving home saying, "shoot, I forgot..." Please tell me this happens to you!

I have so many pet peeves when it comes to grocery shopping. I thought I'd share a few of them. So if you feel like that might be grumpy, it won't hurt my feelings if you click to somewhere else, see you Monday if that's the case.

My grocery store pet peeves:
  • when one store (in the same chain) doesn't have the same brands as the others (only one of my Krogers I frequent carries the organic peanut butter I like! and it is the farthest away from me)
  • please stop stocking the aisles in the daytime when us mommies are pushing our carts full of kids down the aisle, I hate getting trapped behind a wall of boxes on my way to get Cheerios, can't they do this at another time?
  • I really get mad when they run out of advertised sale items.
  • bad, mushy, non-organic produce
  • dirty kid carts (or wet ones brought in from a recent rain storm), yuck! or when they have no carts available in the store
  • my nearest Kroger does not plow the snow, it is impossible to push a cart out to my car in the snowy weather, I have complained several times
  • bad music playing, my favorite grocery store (that is now closed) used to play the best music, I used to sing along, not kidding
  • frequent and annoying intercom pages- really do we have to hear the employees screaming about price checks and then slamming down the phone every five seconds
  • backed up check out lines with only one or two cashiers working
  • when I forget my reusable bags (see photo above) that's my fault, not the store's
  • my most biggest pet peeve of all: is when I am shopping without my kids (rarely) and I am trying to read Us Weekly and the cashiers tell me to move to another line so they can check me out faster (I know they are trying to help), don't they know I want to take longer.... jeez, it's not that often I am kidless and have time to read a magazine for pete's sake! Usually I end up tossing the mag in my cart and impulse buying it, conspiracy I tell ya.

Well, I have to go now, I'm off to the grocery for the third time this week! Seriously. Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Kerri said...

I agree w/ your list of pet peeves! I was at Walmart the other day...mid morning, and I could barely get down some of the isles b/c workers were stocking shelves. And they look at me like I'm in THEIR way.
My pet peeve is when you are trying to put your money or card and receipt back in your purse and trying to get the last of your bags into the card and the cashier immediately starts scanning the next person's items. It makes me feel so rushed....I hate that!

Karen said...

Oh Jenny. You made me laugh! I have to add a couple pet peeves to your list...
1. When I forget my reusable bags (which is almost always) and the cashier bags my items in like a gazillion plastic bags. Sometimes they only put 2 or 3 things in one bag. Come on!

2. I'm pretty patient. But, if I've got my kids along I want to get in and get out....especially if I'm just picking up a couple things. Why do they put the slowest cashiers on the speedy checkout lines? (Walmart is notorious for this).

3. This one is in regard to other shoppers. If they see that I have four little boys with me and a full cart, why wouldn't they kindly make way for us to get by instead of making us back up or try to move ourselves out of the way?

Oh boy. You've got me goin' now!

Becca said...

I third your list! Wait, forth... lol. I forget stuff all the time! Worse with the prego brain though! Kerri and Karen had some good ones too. And, I have one to add... remember when scanning your debit card used to be faster than writing a check? Now they have 25 questions after you scan that you have to keep responding to before it completes your checkout! And then the little wand thingy never works....urgh!