Thursday, March 10, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday- except it's Thursday

What the heck happened to Wednesday? Oh, I was in the car all day shuttling kids everywhere in the pouring down rain... that's enough about that.

OK, so I was trying to be healthy, when the kids and I got some of this horrid food, I ordered myself one of the new fruit and nut oatmeals. I had a freebie coupon too, so I felt like I was really being good. Hmm, it tasted pretty yummy. I think it is just instant oatmeal and they throw some fruit on top, but it has to be better than a cheeseburger, right?
I was telling my friend how I was so proud of myself for resisting the fries and she said, "well you know it has more sugar than a Snickers." What? No way. It's oatmeal for goodness sake.

So I checked. Snickers has 28.8 grams of sugar. The McDonald's oatmeal I ate has 32. I am not kidding. It just makes me sick. Not only because here is McD's fooling everyone again into thinking they might actually care about the people who eat at their restaurants. But also because I would have rather had the Snickers! Geezie-petes, I am going to stick with the plain old boring side salad from now on.

My workout song to share this week:
What is it about Dave Matthews that just rocks my world? I don't know. Could it be his awesome song writing? I so want him to write me a song, you can tell he totally worships his wife in his songs, lucky lady. Maybe it is the cute way he "dances" when he sings. Or maybe it is how he has incorporated fantastic jazz musicians in popular music for years. Actually it is the sly way he seems to make eye contact with you when he sings, gets me every time. I blush, not kidding, cannot watch him on tv. Big tall hubby doesn't get it at all, drives him crazy. Oh well.

Anyway, this is one of my all-time favorite songs. It reminds me of my perfect summer day, not doing anything, being hot and sweaty and loving every minute of it. Our weather has been so cruddy lately, this is the perfect song for me to enjoy. I am so bummed the guys (DMB) are taking a summer off from touring to spend time with their families and I was really hoping to go enjoy a live show this summer, me and my big preggo self among all those teenagers smoking pot. Phooey. ( the missing the show part, not missing the pot part!)

I like this song when I am running/jogging at a relatively slower pace (5.5 or so) just because it is relaxing and I let my imagination run wild (about Dave- just kidding big tall hubby!!!) I am not running right now, due to my growing belly, but I still use my treadmill and it works for hill climbs at a 4.0 pace.


Kerri said...

Oh man! No wonder I like that oatmeal...geez! That makes me mad b/c McDonald's is leading people like me into believing that they are offering healthier options on their menu. Ugghhh! I really like the grilled southwestern salad (11pts)...please don't tell me that's bad for me too?!

Becca said...

I am giggling! Who knew you would have been making the healthier choice by choosing a snickers for goodness sakes! I boycotted McD's a long time ago for getting their meet from South America (who use pesticides outlawed in this country, and who feed their cattle the remains of those fellow cows who have died) claiming the US doesn't produce enough beef for them. Rubbish!

Jen said...

At least the oatmeal has fruit and fiber, right? I say this because I had some today!