Wednesday, March 16, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Two years ago I started a journey to lose my baby weight from Tanner. I joined Weight Watchers and I learned way more than I ever thought I could. I learned that in order for me* to lose weight (and keep it off) I have to have a four piece puzzle completely in place to succeed. I call it a puzzle because all the pieces have to fit together to work for me (i.e. make the perfect picture).

The pieces of my puzzle are:
  1. support/knowledge (WW meetings, being a WW employee, books and magazines)
  2. exercise (very often and very consistent)
  3. motivation (more on that next Wednesday)
  4. proper diet and nutrition
The pieces of my puzzle might change shape or percentages every day but I can assure you that the proper diet and nutrition piece are the biggest deciding factors for me. I think some people's puzzles might have different pieces, more or less components and some people might be like "shut up you're no expert!" But I am only speaking of what works for me.

I relied heavily on Weight Watchers at first for my diet and nutrition. It works. There is no question about it. I lost over 36 pounds and then I began working for the company (and will go back after baby #4 is born). As I felt myself becoming more healthy, thinner, and more willing to try new foods I began exploring magazines, books, television shows, blogs, etc.

I learned so much through this journey. I get so excited to try new recipes and munching on nuts and fruits is something I actually enjoy. I am not kidding when I tell you I was a processed food junkie so all these new habits are thrilling to me.

I have shared one of my favorite healthy living blogs before Carrots N Cake and I have learned a ton from Tina. Her first book is coming out soon, yay her! I love it when someone who has a whole blog (or book or article, etc.) shares something that I also agree with. Recently, Tina shared a list of the 30 Healthiest Foods (compiled from Real Simple Magazine). Funny thing, I had this article from the magazine tacked to our fridge as a reference and reminder. Tina says she is working towards eating and/or trying all 30 foods on the list. Guess what? Me too! (Like I said, love it when I have something in common with an expert!)

Here are the 30 foods:
whole grain pasta
peanut butter and almond butters
skim milk
wild salmon
extra virgin olive oil
chicken breasts
kidney beans
sweet potatoes
nonfat greek yogurt
black beans

I was really surprised at how many of these foods I already eat and enjoy. Those that I haven't tried yet (kale, bulgur, and quinoa) I am currently scouting recipes for us to enjoy. The only one I don't think I can do is sardines. I know, I know, I sound like a kid who won't try it but really, I love tuna and other fish so sardines might just have to be eliminated from my list. 29 out of 30 ain't so bad, right?!

I hope that this list inspires you to branch out and try some new food items, especially with spring farmer's markets opening soon.

Here is the online version of the article: 30 Healthiest Foods

*I am not a health expert, nor have I any certification, this is strictly from personal experience!

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Kerri said...

Me too! I haven't tried bulgar, kale or quinoa! I'm never trying sardines! The rest of the list I enjoy. Last week was my first week on WW...and I lost exactly 1 lb. I followed the plan to the t...and exercised hard. I was disappointed...but I feel great. Hubby lost 5 lbs...he's doing it with me (except he's not doing the class). I'm going to stick with definately helps me with portion control...cause I'm all about quanity!! :)