Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday stuff

School carnivals, don't you just love them?
I do, until the beloved balloon animals pop and the cool hair spray runs all over bed sheets therefore resulting in me having to change all beds and takes three washings to get out of scalps.
I also love the bag of goodies and prizes that come home. They are always such quality goods. (sarcastic tone here!)
My things to do this week: (it is a lot, I am hoping for a good week and lots of energy)
  • clean my doors downstairs (we have painted white doors and they are gerr-oss!)
  • put away our snow pants/suits (wishful thinking-spring is on the way)
  • sort birthday pictures and put in my kids' birthday albums, will try to share this later
  • mail two birthday cards (on time!)
  • do some mending: sew on a few buttons, a Brownie patch, fix Zoe's dance garment bag, try to repair a sweater hole...
  • tally my coupon savings from 2010 (I forgot to do this in January! Can't wait to see my results)
  • begin my master "baby things to do list" (this one is scaring me)
  • shred some old documents
  • get Parker some new soccer shoes
  • get Parker a haircut
  • hang up some pictures and an old window that were moved when we got our new tv
  • I am also planning a leprechaun scavenger hunt, but this is a big secret, don't tell my kids
  • my menus for this week:
    • grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (special request from Zoe)
    • potato frittata (didn't get to make last week)
    • greek salads with chickpeas and grilled chicken
    • fish and twice baked potatoes
    • spaghetti with roasted zucchini
    • sausage with white beans and peppers
    Here is where our snow pants and big fat coats go for the warm season. I have to store them in the basement because we have the world's smallest coat closet. Seriously, it holds like three coats. Anyway...Do you have one of these storage thingys? I really like it. I got it at Target. I wish I had bought the more expensive one that was a bit sturdier because as the kids' coats have gotten bigger, they are also heavier. If/when we move I have a feeling I'll be needing a few of these guys. The neighborhood we plan on moving to has really old houses which translates to no closet space.

    I finally got my storage baskets corralled and cleaned up, it only took me three weeks to do, jeez. (Sorry for the grungy basement picture, you know how basements are!) I did buy these little storage cubes to put them in because they just kept falling over and the kids were kicking them all over the basement, driving me crazy. I like these cubey-things because you can build them a variety of ways. I have them in a couple closets and they work pretty well for folded t-shirts, toys, and other not-heavy items. I also like them because if/when we move I can take them apart and reuse them in our new (old) house.
    These are my extra baskets and inexpensive plastic storage containers. Nothing special but I do like to hang on to them in case I have to use them again. On top is a small trash can that holds some wrapping paper and bubble wrap I am saving for the big house move, if it ever happens. (I am hearing a pattern today!)

    One more thing...
    OK girlies, who is the bachelor Brad going to pick tonight? I have thought Chantal all along but I think Emily has a good chance. My only reason for him to still pick Chantal is because I don't think he is ready to be a dad yet. (Plus I did break down and buy that In Touch magazine that paints Emily as a fame seeker.... I had a weak moment and now I think she is not the right girl. Dang celebrity magazines!) I am excited to see the finale. Big tall hubby and I have watched every season, even though we swear we aren't going to watch. Brad is really cute but seems to have the personality of a rock. I hope he is better off camera or both of these girls have been wasting their time.


    Kerri said...

    It seems so early for school carnivals...don't you guys still have snow on the ground?!

    I haven't watched this season's Bachelor...but now I am wishing I did!

    Jill said...

    Cute hairstyles on the kids! :-) Wow, a carnival already? I'm just looking forward to warm weather! :-)

    How is the house selling coming along? Do you have another home picked out?

    Organization looks great!


    Christopher said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jess said...

    oh my goodness!!! first, i want to thank you for your kind words...a mother's worry is never ending isn't it! i hope you blog about the scanenger hunt...i will need to steal this idea for next year! and i am giggling at your comments about the school fair...oh those crap toys drive me crazy...but the kids love them!! i am watching bachelor right now.....i am hoping EMILY!!!???? and i am so jealous that you are putting away winter snowed all day today here...we still have another month...and of course there is always the storm in April...ugghhh!!!