Wednesday, March 2, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Music motivates me, a lot. If I am feeling stressed or sad, I just need a few minutes of some Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble (or the Grease soundtrack) and I am all set. Good songs on my IPod (or in my spinning class) really get me working harder. I swear, the Black Eyed Peas come on and I have to hold myself back from dancing, so I do the next best thing, run faster. :)

I just discovered that my library participates in a service called "Freegal." It is kind of like I-tunes but on a much smaller scale. You can go to the site and download a certain number of songs for free. (My library permits 3 songs per week.) You just have to plug in your library card number and a pin so it is sooooo easy!

I found that they don't have a humongous selection but I did download some Britney Spears and Glee songs, so they are current-ish. I get so excited when a new song comes on as I am trudging away on that dang elliptical, I swear I don't even look at the time passing as long as the music is pumpin'.

Here is my new favorite song (Besides Lady Gaga- "Born This Way"- that girl is a genius, even if people say she is copying Madonna. Good idea to copy the best right? That's why I want to be Martha Stewart when I grow up!)

Cee Lo- "Forget You"- I love, love, love it, just makes me want to dance. I love the Motown influence and this video is so cute. If I was in like 6th grade, I'd be watching it all the time, you know when you have time to sit around and watch videos. (Well I did when I was in 6th grade anyway!)
You might notice that there are "other" versions of this song, he originally released it with a different title, (you'll get it when you watch it) and I am so glad he did a clean version. The kids and I were dancing to it today on the way to preschool. Don't you just love car-dancing?


Kerri said...

Thanks for the library son is always asking to download his favorite songs.
I'm not a good dancer...but I tried Zumba the other night (only because Jim is now teaching a class at our rec center!) and it was so FUN...I laughed the entire time!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Jenny, I have never heard of this~ Thank you for passing on the info! I need new music on my ipod BADLY!
Have a pretty day!

Jill said...

I love Grease! It's my favorite movie! :-) I'll have to check out this site...thanks for sharing! Do you work out every day or every other? Today I was so sore from a walk/run program I had to take a day of rest (from exercise anyway) LOL