Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll just do anything to get a new Longaberger

I just love to get these boxes in the mail... I get all giddy...
Isn't it awesome that they are handmade in America (Ohio, no less!)? I always take a huge sniff when I open the box because they have a smell, not a bad one, just a familiar one, it is from the stain that is put on the baskets. Most of you know I have a nice collection of Longabergers, and I simply love the Homestead (where the factory is located). I secretly wish I was a member of the Longaberger family so I could furnish my home with their loveliness. Oh well, for now a new basket every now and then will just have to tide me over.
Here is the basket I just got, it is called a "Kiddie Purse."
While it is cute and adorable, isn't it? The main reason I have bought a Kiddie Purse in the past is to serve as a keepsake. I know, I know, so silly and frivolous.
When I was pregnant with Zoe someone gave me one of these and said, "now you take this to the hospital and have the nurses stamp the newborn baby's footprints on the inside of the lid." Um, ok, I was a Longaberger fan, so I just went with it. (This is Parker's basket by the way, so cute.)

I was a good mommy and made sure that all three of my kids have their stamped Kiddie Purses. They do like to look at them and remark on their feet. I know the boys are kind of like, "whatever mom." Someday, I know they will appreciate them.

So why did I order another Kiddie Purse?

Because of this little guy. He kind of surprised us. And we can't wait to meet him on or about July 26h. Yep, Sarah, you were right. How in the heck did you predict this after I mentioned my flu shot? You must have uterine ESP or something!

Anyway, after the shock wore off for us. We waited a while to tell anyone, it took us a while to wrap our minds around this one. We told a few people after the first ultrasound. I just had the second ultrasound on Wednesday and it confirmed his "boyness." We have never found out the baby's gender but this guy is going to be sharing a room and we wanted to try to get ready for that. (Actually we want to help his big sister and brothers get ready.) It is kind of strange knowing he is in fact a he. I am wondering who he will look like and how in the heck am I going to stay on top of all these kids?!

Like with any upcoming baby, I am scared, excited, nervous, exhausted, and thrilled all at the same time. I promise to keep everyone posted on his/my progress. (As for now, I feel like a big ginormous cow but that's to be expected right?! If I would quit being sick I'd feel tons better!)

Alternative post titles I considered for today:
Oops we did it again
Fore! (we do live on a golf course you know!)
Well, the kids have always wanted bunk beds...
I really like sleep deprivation, I do!
No I didn't eat all the cookies, I'm just pregnant!
I just love that newborn smell
Another reason not to get rid of all that baby gear in my basement
I gained a couple pounds, so I figured might as well use them to my advantage
This is my excuse to eat M&M's again


Sarah said...

tee hee! I know... I'm good aren't I ;) Congrats Jen and family. What very exciting news and such uncharted waters-we'll be all ears(and eyes via the blog) on what it's like to be the mother of 4-3 boys to boot!! wow!!!

Jill said...

Congratulations!!!! So very exciting!!!!!! So happy for you all! :-)


Kristin said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited for you Jenny.

Kerri said...

Ahhhhhh! YOu got me! I was in the middle of reading your post and then I saw the ultra sound and then I had to go back and start over! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting for you guys!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us!

Becca said...

Sarah is good isn't she? I've been waiting on this post...once Sarah mentioned it I've been picking up on different things! Congratulations! Yay! Now I can live vicariously (sp?) through you! Can't wait to "meet" the little guy!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! I just got over here today to read some of your posts. And, I was skimming through this one and just like Kerri I got to the ultrasound picture and had to back up. Did Jenny just say what I thought she said???

Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise for you guys!