Friday, March 18, 2011

mean people


Sometimes I just don't understand the whole grand plan.

I just found out that the people coming through our house tomorrow at 9:30 AM for a showing (nice time, huh?) are the people who came through two weeks ago and gave us horrible feedback. The kind of feedback that made me cry. The kind that I lost sleep over. The kind that made me argue with my big tall hubby. The kind I haven't forgotten or gotten over.

Why are they coming to my house again?

Why do I have to clean for them?

Why did I drag my sick baby to the store to get carpet cleaner so I can clean a bad stain for them?

Why I am sacrificing my quality quiet time (kids at school, baby asleep) to craft or watch "Jersey Shore" for them?

I just don't understand.

Sometimes, people are so mean. I would seriously feel like the worst people in the world if I were them, I mean, now they know that I know they are the big meanies from two weeks ago. I just don't get it.

I'll be back Monday. I promise I won't be all "woe is me" and forlorn.

Have a great weekend.


Becca said...

Oh Jenny...I'm sorry! That is frustrating. Hope you have a good weekend regardless. Take care!

Karen said...

I'm dying to hear how the showing goes tomorrow. Apparently despite their feedback the first time around they saw something they liked. If you ask me their bad feedback was some twisted form of bluffing. "If we make them think their house is unsellable maybe we can get it for less" kind of thing.

Hang in there. Too bad you couldn't kill the meanies with kindness without it being construed as a bribe or sucking up. (Something simple like a plate of cookies & a thank you not for coming to see our house a second time after you blasted it the first time).

I'm curious too what bad they possibly could have said about your house. Any picture you've ever posted on here shows a really beautiful home. And, you can tell the meanies I said so!

Karen said...

woops. That should have said 'a thank you note' not a 'thank you not'.

Kerri said...

I agree with Karen...they're bluffing and your house is gorgeous! Why else would they be coming back? Not the best of time though when you have little ones. Too bad your realtor couldn't have said....9:30 doesn't for for about____. Ok, that's my passive/aggressive behavior coming out. Look on the bright side...your house could sell Saturday and you could be in your new home by summer...wouldn't that be awesome?!
Have a good weekend! I will keep my fingers crossed!

Sarah said...

jenny-lets hug! People like to rip a house to shreds and then make an offer- it's a no class tactic!!

I agree with Karen. Kill them with kindness even if you would like to flip them the bird ;) Take that you meanies!!

Kristin said...

Big hugs Jenny! People, especially people looking to buy a home around here, are clueless. Remember my garage comment......

Anyway, I still think you should leave some dirty diapers on the floor.....or even better the kitchen counter! YUCK! Oh, OH, OOOOOH print out their feedback and put it NEXT to the dirty diaper on the kitchen counter! That would be AWESOME!

I know you won't do any of that 'cause you're a good, kind person. Even if selling a house makes you (and me) crazy.