Monday, March 7, 2011

scandalous, Monday stuff

Last week, I took some time to make a few St. Patrick's Day decorations for our house. I have been looking at all the stores I frequent for a cute leprechaun or pot of gold or some brick-a-brack with no luck. I'm not Irish or Catholic but I still like to make it look festive around here, the kids really like it too. You'd think there would be some cute St. Patty's day stuff somewhere!!!
I bought some cheap frames at Goodwill (even Goodwill was void of tacky decor items!) and painted a brown one white, got out my scrapbooking supplies and got to work. The frames were .99 each, one was still in the shrink wrap, never used. Don't you just love that!?
Max always joins me for craft time. He grabs a bone or toy and sits right next to me the whole time I work. He has done this since he was a puppy. We listened to Michael Buble while Tanner took a nap and the big kids were at school.I just made some tags and picture-y things. I felt very uncreative or uninspired. But once they were done I felt down right scandalous. Did I just craft some items just for me? Holy cow, I couldn't tell you the last time I made something just because.
I put some by the kitchen sink. Zoe says my leprechaun drawing is "weird." Thanks honey.
And some went on our foyer table. Nothing too great or show-worthy but nonetheless, I hope to find some more time just for me in the next few weeks. It was heavenly.

Since I was sick with the worst cold ever last week and we ended up having two showings for the house (both not interested), I did not get all my "things to do" things done. :( I was really bummed because I started the week so gung ho. So this week has a lot of repeats from last week.

my things to do this week:
get tax stuff ready
deliver tax stuff to tax lady
finish all thank you notes
order pictures from February
clean up baskets and organizers that fell in the basement (3 weeks ago!!!)

my menus for this week:
spaghetti and meatballs
potato frittata
pasta with peas and proscuitto
pork fried rice
salmon and roasted veggies


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i love the frame with the three clovers! very cute!

i'm watching real housewives of oc as i type. wow.... they make great tv!!

thanks for the kind comment regarding my living room!

Kerri said...

I think your St. Patty's day stuff looks great! I Love that pot of gold...looks like you used sequins?! Everything looks great!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Oh my gosh! The cute st patty's day decorations! The lists! You make me look so bad! ( :
Have a pretty day!

Jen said...

Seriously cute decorations.
I am reminded again that I really need a to-do list!
Did taxes yesterday...just on a whim. Yay! Check that off!
Have a great week!