Friday, August 13, 2010

bragging on my boy

This little guy constantly amazes me. Yesterday, I had to take him for his doctor check up. (Let me just say, I think it is crappy that the doctor's office won't fill out a shot record for school enrollment without a visit. Whatever! We are there constantly, it's not like they don't know us. Before anyone gets all huffy, and tells me how important these check ups are, I know they are, I was just complaining!) Any-who, we went just to get his shot record filled out so he can start preschool in a couple weeks. **sigh, sniff, boo hoo, I am not ready to release him to the world**

He had talked to Zoe before leaving and she told him all about his kindergarten shots, the ones he will get next year. Thanks Zoe, way to scare the poor guy to death. So he was asking me all about them on the way to the office. Once we are there, everything is going smooth, no problems. He is growing, developing, changing, all fine. Then, our Dr. says, "why don't you just get your shots now, they hurt worse when you are bigger anyway." In my mind, I am thinking, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I remember how bad it was for Zoe and how her screams could be heard for miles. I had already planned for Daddy to bring Parker to that check up, next summer! Parker thought about it and he said, "sure, I'll do it today." My mind thoughts: oh crap! I am not ready for this. Let's get out of here! Help!

He then told me, "mommy, I am going to be brave like Tanner was last time he got shots. I am not even going to cry." Ok, I might be buddy, but ok. And guess what!? He did not cry. He got them all, without flinching, well barely. He said, "ow ow ow ow" really quietly, but that was it. Holy cow! Could this really be happening? To me? (Seriously, Zoe scarred me for life getting her kindergarten shots, I'm not sure the nurse has recovered either, three years later!)

Then, he about smiled so big his face almost broke because the nurse gave him prizes for being the best patient she'd ever had. Yep, he was super excited. I was so proud. I still can't believe it. And bonus, we don't have to do it next summer, I can quit thinking/worrying about it. Whew, what a relief.

Here is the "after" of his room color*. I just love it. Pink is my favorite color for sure, but blue is a very close second. (Go Big Blue, you know!) He is so proud of it. He keeps telling me how much he loves it, how he likes the way I rearranged his pictures, the color is "so perfect" (he tells me), he can't wait for his friend Aiden to see it (that must be a true coolness test!). I am soooooo glad I did it instead of waiting for our house to sell. He deserves it. Of course I am having huge guilt, kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I mean, he is just so darn appreciative. I love that guy.

And one more thing to brag on him about: he told me I looked "very pretty" for the past two days. Not sure why, but I'll take it, thanks buddy.

*This was my first time using Martha Stewart's paint from Home Depot. We were devoted to Ralph Lauren and I was really mad when they discontinued it. I will say the Martha paint worked really well. True to the color sample (this one is called "waterfall") and hardly smelly at all, and I only used one coat. I'll buy it again for sure.


Sarah said...

so glad to hear you ordered a catalog from Ballard, but you my little Jen are so fortunate to have a Ballard clearance center right in your backyard(I'm so envious!). It is in West Chester right next to the Frontgate outlet on Union Center-you HAVE to go and let me know what you find!

I love that little Parker. Asher didn't cry either. I too was so proud because Holden had practically clawed the nurse's eyes out when he got his :)

I liked reading your Wed. post. It was like looking into my own brain!

ps-how did you keep the stairs a secret from Tanner for so long? Sloan was drowling over them before he could move :)Tell him I'll be mad if he gives his mommy a heart attack.

Kerri said...

Yay Parker!! Jen, that could have been my story two years ago...same thing happened to us...and Brady chose to get all 4 shots and easy peesy! Good thing we don't live in the same time...or our boys might have to co-share the best patient ever award!
And, when you decide to don't mess around...geez! You are quick! It look great!

Kerri said...

I meant to say same "town".

Becca said...

Good job Parker! Ty got one of his shots at his 4 yr. He did great too...must be the middle kid thing...we( :) ) , I mean they, are so well adjusted! Love the blue too!

Jess said...

new to your blog!!! kiddos are so cute!! i can totally relate to this post...heading to the doctors tomorrow for check-ups....i am still traumatized from holding down my then 5 year old for shots...she is now completely phobic of even going in to the office!