Tuesday, August 17, 2010

woe is me

Their favorite activity for the past two weeks: pushing Tanner in the baby doll stroller around the house with about 10 stuffed animals and blankets. (yes, Parker is in his jammies, you know I never stage my pictures, no pug butt this time)

I cannot believe summer is almost over. Seriously. In May, I was having panic attacks about all three kids being home together and what would I do with them all the time? Yikes! A SAHM's worse nightmare, right?! Well these guys (and gal) have proved me wrong. They have been getting along great all summer. Well, it's not all "Leave it to Beaver" 24/7, they have their moments. For all my complaining about not having any kids on our street, it has a blessing this summer. My kids have to play with each other, all the time, no excuses. They do not have a choice. We've been enjoying the pool a lot, I have that activity down to a science. Don't mess with me when I'm on a mission to the pool! We've been playdoh-ing, finger painting, riding bikes and scooters, water ballooning, tea partying, baking cookies, eating popcicles, all that fun stuff. I am so sad it will be replaced with waiting for the bus, packing lunches, organizing school papers.... blah blah blah.

I am so sad that Zoe will be gone all day, her constant chatter will be missed. Who is going to give me a play by play recall of the latest "Full House" rerun?! And don't even get me started on Parker going to preschool. I know it is only three days a week, but I will miss him like a mad woman. Who is going to throw balls at me all day and force me to follow the directions on the Lego book and make "real stuff" not the things I create using my "magination?" And Tanner, well, he isn't going anywhere, but if you have more than one kid, you know it just isn't right when one (or more than one) is gone.

What prompted this little tirade today? We got a letter from Zoe's teacher for this year. Yep, sent me into a sad, woe is me, funk. **sniff sniff**


Jess said...

feeling this way too!!!! just starting to hit us that summer is coming to an end...and i am not happy about it!! there are lots of moms doing the happy dance...but not me, i love my kiddos home with me!! we also have zero kids in our neighborhood...and just starting to realize its kinda nice....no having to fight about coming in at night while other kids get to stay up late and play...i always say that we live in a little bubble, kind of like it!! hang in there!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for visiting!!
So glad you did.
We are feeling the end of summer blues too! I love my "babies" home with me and even though a day or two of quiet sounds good...that's about all I need!!:)
Enjoy the day
I'm following.....:)