Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watchin' my weight Wednesday

I wish I burned calories like this little hummingbird who visits us every day... he's right in the middle, hubby took this picture, he is very tall, thus explaining the big bird's eye view.

I forgot to post about my weight watching last week, oops, I am blaming it on our trip to see Paul's mom and dad. We came home on a Monday, instead of Sunday, after our weekend visit and I was messed up all week. Anyway, I've been thinking about numbers a lot lately.

Specifically these kind:
Money and how expensive everything is
Miles my husband has to drive to work
Months our house has been on the market
5th birthday party for Parker coming up soon
Three meals a day that I prepare for everyone
Four beds I make every day, even though the kids are supposed to help me
Three or four loads of laundry I do every day
Our utility bills this month, holy cow, out of this world
Six more payments until my van is paid off
2nd grade where my daughter will be going in a couple weeks
Three trips to the YMCA every day this week, shuttling my kids to and from camp
Four minutes it takes me to drive to Walmart or Target, where I need to go for about a million things
$9.39 the amount I paid for organic chicken breasts for my family a couple days ago
7-9, the age that the news reported some girls are beginning puberty (yikes!)
4 months or so until Christmas (double yikes!)
45 minutes a day I need to exercise
19 points I am allotted to maintain my weight loss (if you are a fellow Weight Watcher, you know what those mean, if not, well, trust me, that number correlates to how much food I should eat every day and it is not a lot)
4 pounds I want to lose

OK, so 4 pounds, not too much you say. Well it seems like a huge number to me now. With all that other junk weighing on my brain, it's no wonder I stress eat. I am currently at my official Weight Watchers goal weight but I prefer to be 3-4 pounds lighter. That is the weight where my clothes fit perfectly, not gaping, tugging, or wedgies.

My plan to lose this weight is to continue my daily workouts but to increase my strength training. I'll admit, there are some days when I do cardio work only. Shame on me. The funny thing, I prefer to use weights instead of running or walking (or whatever) but I guess I am programmed to feel the burn by cardio work. I also plan on going to WW meetings weekly instead of monthly for my lifetime weigh ins. Those meetings work. I know it, now I just have to go. Wish me luck. I will keep everyone posted.

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Kerri said...

Congrats on meeting your ww goal...that's awesome! I wish I only had 4lbs to lose! I'm hoping to get back on track when school starts!