Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whew, I can rest easy now

Don't you just love it when you do something you've been procrastinating for a long time?

I absolutely do.

I finished cleaning/straightening/purging/labeling (of course!) my laundry room cabinets last week. (Sorry I forgot to take a before picture! I know everyone likes the before and after. Trust me, they were pretty bad, all crammed and jammed, not pretty at all.) This is one of "those" projects that I have been meaning to do forever and I just pulled out my trusty step stool and garbage can and went to work one day. I didn't buy any new baskets or containers (obviously, they aren't all cute matchy matchy) but I like how everything turned out. Sorry my pictures are weird angles, I'm only 5'2" and these cabinets are HIGH up over the washer and dryer.
You can't really see it, but there are baskets for diaper cream (I change Tanner on the dryer when we aren't upstairs), sunscreen, pet supplies, light bulbs, floor steamer stuff, vacuum bags, flashlights, and batteries. I also have my teeny college tool box in here, the lid isn't shut (see the red thing) because I was using some stuff in it, oops! I also keep diapers and wipes in here.
Don't you love how I have my lint sticky thing hanging in here? Owners of pugs know that no outfit is complete without dog hair. I use this right before we leave most of the time.
This cabinet is truly laundry stuff. Obviously. (I promise I am not trying to insult your intelligences! Just sharing.) I have a basket for lost socks and a jar for pens and Clorox bleach and Tide to Go pens. The very top is where I keep towels for the dog. And the paper towels get replenished all the time. I am a paper towel junkie. I know, so not green, I can't help it, I am addicted.

So anyway, I love now that everything is all cleaned up and labeled. I put away stuff that had found its way here over the last couple years. Do you think I'll like doing laundry any more now?!

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