Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sometimes I think I am a genius

A little goal I set for myself this summer was to NOT stop and buy drinks for us while we were out. This came after I gave up my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper (and other diet drinks). I was determined not to drink it and driving through McDonalds when they have those $1 drinks was quite tempting. And, I don't know about your kids, but my kids are always thirsty. It doesn't matter that we just finished lunch, dinner, whatever, they are always begging for drinks. So much so, I've talked to our pediatrician about it, he assures me they are ok. I personally think they do it just to hear me huff and puff and slam the cabinet doors, I mean, I'm tryin' to get out the door here people!!! Any-who, I also wanted to save some money and stopping for drinks for all of us a few times a week was one way I could cut back.

I started filling our water bottles every day for our errand running, t-ball games, swimming pool days, park play dates, you name it, I was bringing them. Sounds so easy right? Well, drinks were kind of the thing I would forget and then I'd end up paying $10 for drinks for me and the kids. I actually didn't mind doing it once I got used to it. At first I was toting them around in plastic grocery bags because heaven forbid, my kids might actually carry their own stuff, don't get me started, another post, another day.

Then I discovered this in my bag archives (come on, you know you have a stash of these! Don't try to deny it.). My mom gave it to me, I am guessing she got it for free after watching the movie. (By the way, have you seen the movie "Julie and Juliet", I just did about a month ago, so cute! Love it! Worth the rental, even my hubby liked it.)
At first, I was like what is this thing gonna hold? Like I am buying more than one bottle of wine at a time, most of the time, the baggers at the grocery didn't even use it, they just stuffed it inside another bag and I brought it home. Then it hit me. (Like a case of wine, he he he)
Put those dang water bottles in there and go on girl!
The middle holds snacks (see, I even bring my own popcorn, I am such a cheapsake!) or the big ginormous water bottle we take to t-ball or soccer or basketball, you get it. There are only four bottle slots so sometimes the fifth bottle (if big tall hubby is with us) kind of gets crammed into another slot but it's all good. Way better than a plastic grocery bag.

Yep, I'm a freakin' genius. (don't judge, little discoveries like this get me all excited!)

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Cindy said...

Perfect plan!~
And yes, great movie, I loved it!!
Enjoy the day