Wednesday, August 25, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Well, duh. Seriously, why haven't I ever thought of this one before?! I mean, I've only been working out for years, literally. Once I hit college, I jumped on the Stairmaster and never looked back. Here's my newest bright idea (yeah, I still think I am a genius *see yesterday's post*), now sit back, you'll really be amazed. (I am being totally sarcastic, in case you can't tell!)

I hate doing abdominal work. Hate it, real bad, usually skip it. I know, so terrible. The whole "your core is what you should be working on to support your body, blah blah blah" I hear it, I just ignore those people that say it. I've had an ab roller and one of those wheels with handles that you use to roll yourself out and back to work your tummy, hated those too. Goodwill has them now. I've had DVD's (Abs of Steel- my fave, ha!) and I've done gillions or gazillions of crunches over the years. I almost ordered the Hip Hop Abs DVD a month or so ago, I was weak, it was late at night and I was hating my tummy that has expanded three times to the size of a large beach ball.

At my skinniest self, before kids, I only had a "4 pack" never the coveted "6" dang, lower abs, anyway, I truly didn't appreciate them. I don't really remember how I got them, I worked out a whole big bunch, like an hour or two a day. Like I said, no kids. I guess I was young and nothing was all stretched out yet. Sometimes I look at my honeymoon photos and thing, "damn girl!" Now I have lost all the stubborn baby and getting married weight and my abs are like a bowl of jelly. Yuck! I vowed to myself (and all of the world on here!) that I was going to incorporate more strength training into my workouts. With that, I figured I'd better get to crunchin' as well, and I don't mean Cheetos.

Well, it turns out, I still hate crunches and sit ups and all the other things you have to do to look like "The Situation" (if you don't watch "Jersey Shore", just ignore that). So I dusted off my big exercise ball, you know the one the kids play with now, and I got to crunchin'. I think the ball is the only thing that I can tolerate as far as ab work goes, at least it's kind of funny, especially when I lose my balance and fall off. Yes, happens a lot, next topic!

So, long story short, I'm rambling today, I realized one of the reasons I hate ab work is because I always do it last, at the end of my workout. Hello! I'm all tired from running, spinning, lifting, whatever. Then it hit me, do abs first, before the cardio and weights, before I am ready to quit. Duh. Seriously. I've been doing this for about a week now and what a difference. No, I don't have a 4 pack, or even a 2 pack, yet, but I can definitely do the work and not hate every second. ! In fact, I use this as my warm up activity. After crunching for a few minutes, I am ready to run or spin or whatever, no other warm up. Bonus! See, I am a genius sometimes, even if it takes me a while to figure it out.


Kerri said...

Good for you Jen for figuring out what works for you! That's the whole key to exercising I think. I think the ball is the best! It isolates the muscles more than anything else. My stomach will never be the same...I had a c-section and never got on those abs until my baby turned 5! (not good!) I also like the medicine ball...especially passing it from side to side with a friend. I gained 6 lbs this summer...just didn't get to the gym as much as I do during the school year. I will definately pay for it next week when I get back to the swing of things!

Jill said...

LOL Thanks for making me smile! :-)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I hope you get to visit American Girl one day soon! It's lots of fun!

I would like to follow you so I know when you have new posts, but I don't see your google follow anywhere? If you do post it let me know!

Have a great night!