Wednesday, August 4, 2010

little slugger makes me cry

Wanna see me cry?

Play/sing the national anthem. Works every time.**

Wanna see me do the ugly,snot flying, snorting, puffy eyes, mascara running cry?
Play/sing the national anthem while my little boy is on the field of a major league baseball game.

Pure ugly, I cannot lie.

Parker got to go on the Reds field with his t-ball team for the national anthem and we got to watch. Oh, do I have high hopes of him being in the bigs someday. Our kids are so lucky nowadays, they get to go to MLB games AND go on the field. I swear I would have given up all my Barbies to do that when I was his age, well maybe not all of them. I am so glad we get to give our kids the kind of experiences some might never get. I guess we're pretty lucky too.
**songs that induce tears regularly: the wedding march, the graduation song Pomp and Circumstance, "I was brought to my senses" by Sting, "You are my sunshine" only when sung to a newborn, the songs Zoe dances to each year for ballet, oh who am I kidding, I am a sap!


Sarah said...

So cool! I cry too at the national anthem. I think Parker will be in the BIGS-just a strange feeling I have-don't know why :)

Love your organized cabinets. You're can rest easier now!

Kristin said...

Yay Parker!

I cry about something almost weekly, something the boys say (in a good way), realizing they are growing way to fast, some sappy movie...or show...or commercial, songs on the radio. Birthdays, when my kids blow out the candles-I always have to hide because I want to cry the ugly cry.

I'm basically always a hormonal mess. :)

Becca said...

From one sap to another...looks like you had fun. Your laundry cabinets look great too!

Murillo Family said...

I bet that ranks up there as one of his best days, and yours too! I completly understand all those cries, I even cry at church during certain songs, and never when I remember to wear waterproof mascara.