Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zoe's first day of second grade

outfit all laid out (it's spotchy because I just ironed it- water marks, oops) complete with jewelry, she cracks me up!
backpack (actually a tote bag) and water bottle ready, lunch packed too
posing for the camera (why don't I notice the shadows as I take pictures? too excited I guess)
waving to Tanner through the window- hey buddy!
new shoes of course (don't you love the banged up legs, only on a 7 year old)
looking so grown up, again, wishing I could stop time
The day I have been dreading is here. **sniff sniff** My gal pal partner is gone, all day. Boo hoo. I seriously miss her. Why did the summer have to go so darn fast!? I managed to keep my tears in until the bus pulled away. Then as the boys and I trudged up the hill to our house, the floodgates opened. I know she will do terrific, she'll be fine, she'll love it. I just miss her and all her girly-ness.


Kerri said...

She looks adorable! CUTE shoes!
I remember those emotions all too well.
Such an exciting time for them and sad time for us!

Sarah said...

Why does she look so grown up!? She's not allowed to grow! I'd miss her too if she was mine. Big hugs