Friday, August 27, 2010

sometimes I just can't help myself

It all started to innocently, I promise! I just wanted to wash out these baskets I keep on the floor of my pantry. I had not planned on doing anything else! Then it lead to...
this. Total purge of the whole pantry. Once I took everything out I remembered I really wanted a place to keep the lunch boxes and make that area more organized. I ended up putting a lot of my extra goodies in my basement pantry area (just some shelves, nothing fancy) and I kept only the stuff we will use pretty immediately in the kitchen here.
After I was done, I liked it ok. Not perfect, definitely the walls need painted in there and I'd rather have some more customized shelves but for now, this is fine. I have to say, the cute polka dot Itso basket from Target is the only new thing I bought for in here. It now holds the lunch boxes when not in use.
For some really great inspiration, check this one out, I am drooling over this one.

Seriously, can you believe it? I want her to come redo my pantry so bad!

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