Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watchin' my weight Wednesday

Ah, the scale, is there anything more frustrating? Well probably but for me, that thing can totally brighten or ruin my day. I don't have anything profound to share today about weight watching, just thinking about it a lot. I weighed in last week at WW and no loss or gain. Well, ok, but I have been working my booty off (or trying to anyway) to lose a few pounds and a week with no loss is really frustrating. As my one year of lifetime WW approaches I have to remind myself: that I did it. I lost the weight. I have kept it off for a year. I know that WW works. I am going to keep on WWing because it's a "lifetime" lifestyle. And I am going to forgive myself for eating an insanly huge bag of M&Ms yesterday. I am going to run an extra mile or two to make up for that and I am going to weigh in tomorrow. That's it.

Have a lovely day.

(in case you were like, what? WW= Weight Watchers)


Kerri said...

Good for you for reaching your goal...such a hard thing to do!

Love your new header...can you leave that up all winter too?! :)

Sarah said...

Love the chair makeover, love the header, love the picture of the kids :) I personally wish watching weight wasn't such a lifetime chore...uggg

Corie said...

Congrats on reaching your goal!
You and Sarah do some many crafty things.