Monday, August 9, 2010

just call me the shuttle driver

Longing to be back here...

This week Z & P are attending day camp at the YMCA. When I originally booked this week, they were both fighting nonstop and I thought by August we'd all need a break hence camp for both of them. When this morning rolled around, I was so sad to take them both. They have been getting along pretty well all summer. They don't really have a choice. They don't have any neighbors or family to play with regularly so they are stuck together. Also, this was also the first time Parker went anywhere without me, or at least where I wasn't waiting/watching him. I had to wear my sunglasses out of the building to the parking lot, yep, big, huge, alligator tears, from me, not him. Although, when I left, he kind of gave me a desperate, lost look before he found some puzzles to explore. It was a rough morning, the kind that left me scavenging for chocolate in my pantry. Never found any I wanted.

Now, on to the shuttle driver thing. I thought I'd have all this time with Tanner to play while Parker was at his camp this morning, all bonding and sweet baby play. We played for about 20 minutes after we got home and then he realized the other two were gone and he was really mad. Crying. Fit-throwing. Hitting me away. OK, not what I imagined. Then after a teeny bit, I had to go get Parker. We had lunch talking all about his morning. Then we played Legos, puzzles, Super Hero squad, you name it. He was glad to have me all to himself again since Tanner fell asleep in the car on the way home. And in a few minutes I have to go get Zoe. And probably pick up a couple ingredients for dinner (since I have had to take ALL 3 KIDS to the grocery the past couple weeks- don't get me started- and you know I can't remember everything while I have all my "helpers"). That makes my 3rd trip to the Y, today. Tomorrow I have my spinning class, that will make 4 trips in one day. Seriously, I am living the life of a shuttle driver. I have no one to blame but myself. Me and my bright ideas.

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