Monday, August 30, 2010

down and dirty

Changing my flower frogs... I really love these little spots of cuteness. Anyone know why that black spot is on all of my pictures??? I have tried cleaning my lens, help!

So the seasons are beginning to change around here, shorter daylight, cooler temps (sort of), pools closing, not big changes like the leaves falling, but I know they are are their way. Last week I found myself doing some seasonal things I don't normally do and at first I was kind of grumbling, like all wives who feel like "my husband should be doing this, this is his job" but then I got over it.

First, I started to cut down all our summer foilage that is done. Things like: daylilies, hostas, petunias, etc. I know, so not a big deal lady, you don't have to tell me. But in my defense, this is something my hubby usually does. I plant and weed, he removes, chops, all that manly stuff. He has been working like a maniac at school on some big projects, so I took over these yard chores. Let me just say, he does a way better job than I do. He just goes out one day and chops the hell out of everything and cleans most of it up (I usually have to help with that part) until he is a sweaty mess and covered in dirt and gunk. Me, I do a couple here, a couple there, in between playing with the kids outside, it takes me waaaaay longer, but I do get it done. At first, like I said, I was feeling like, hey, he should be out here swatting bugs and sweating and getting scraped by weird thorny weeds! But then I said, ya know, we're all in this together (a la High School Musical!) and I got done what I could. I still have more to cut, we have a big yard, lots of landscaping, but I'm like that bunny, who just keeps going and going.

Next, I did something I don't think I have ever done, not to sound too much like a prima donna, believe me I've had my share of gross jobs! I cleaned out our trash can. You know the big, scary, stinky, covered in sludge one, that you take out to the curb and run back inside so you don't accidentally run into the garbage guys or your neighbors. Heaven forbid, they might see the people who actually have such a retched can!? I couldn't take it anymore. It was really, really, really, stinky. I don't know what got in there that made it so bad but every time I had to add a bag to the big papa, I almost got sick. The time had come. I put on my rubber gloves (not my cute ones with the ruffles- see I'm even trying to be stylish when I clean) and went crazy on that guy. It was soooooooo grody! I am not kidding. Again, at first, I was thinking, this is so a daddy job. Not a mommy thing to do at all. But then after my gray beauty was all sparkling and looking good again, I knew I did the right thing. I will proudly wheel him out to the curb on Thursday night (after Jersey Shore of course!) and not be the least bit afraid who sees. (Just a side note, I was so inspired, I cleaned the rest of our garbage cans, all the little ones and extra ones we have.)

So I guess what I am taking from all this is to not hold any grudges or resentments, just do it already! But I did make sure my big tall hubby knew I accomplished these things all by my lonesome, I was definitely needed some praise. He obliged and definitely agreed that I get mass props for doing the trash can, like I said, it was pretty toxic.

Are there any jobs you do that you just get mad because you have to do them?

Are there any jobs at your house that you feel are more for the wife or hubby?

Just thinkin'.

my menu for this week:
eggplant parmesan
chef salads (kids- sub sandwiches)
tacos for kids, taco salads for grownups
crock pot chili and sandwiches
vegetable soup and zucchini bread

my big things to do this week:
sort toys in Parker's closet, label and purge
clean out clothes in Zoe's dressers
sort, cut, deliver/mail newest portraits of the kids to relatives
clean out medicines (throw out old and expired)

I remembered I always used to post my menus and things to do, don't know why I stopped. Check out Organized Junkie blog for tons more menu plan Mondays, awesome ideas.


Kerri said...

My hubby cleans the bathrooms and takes the big dumpster and recycables to the curb...and cuts the grass. It's funny how it's not a written rule...just something we know they do and let them do it! Good for you for getting out there and getting the job done! I only had to mow our grass once this summmer...but I too made sure I got lots of praise! It kind of seems like we are prima donna's! :)

Cindy said... out the gross garbage can is exactly the job we need to do!!
yuck...the thought of it!!
My hubby does all kinds of gross jobs so I can't complain!!
Enjoy the night

Jill said...

I have to laugh, you sound so much like me! Usually my husband does the mowing and weeding, and taking out the big trash can with the recycling. And any repairs around the house. We share gardening general outside cleanups. He does carpet clean on occasion for me, but the rest is usually me. I am very particular. LOl I give you total thumbs up for cleaning the big trash can.. no way i'd tackle that! LOL Have a great week! Thanks for my sweet comment and stopping by!