Friday, August 6, 2010

some stuff, random, but felt like sharing

Totally unrelated picture, just sharing, they do love each other, even if they call each other "butthead" and slam each other to the ground every day.
Isn't it funny how you can miss weird things? Like, I miss drinking Diet Dr. Pepper but not enough to start drinking it again. I miss the smell of my Grandma's Oil of Olay, so much so that I have bought every kind for myself to use and none of them smell like hers. I miss how my old house was always neat and tidy (maybe because it was smaller than this house and I only had one child!?) I missed blogging yesterday and today. I know, weird. I love sharing random stuff with everyone but I really love reading about everyone else's stuff. So interesting. Blog buddies are the best. I love "meeting" new people and getting to know them. Anyway, that leads me to today, nothing really important to say, just stuff.

I painted Parker's room, finally. Poor kid has been asking me for-ev-er! I kept putting it off because we thought we were moving. We still hope to of course, but I felt like it wasn't fair to not paint the little guy's room. And you know what? It looks so great. So much better. Wish I had done it sooner, it did however cut into my blog reading/writing time ;)

My kids have another cold. All of them. Grr. This is seriously annoying. Summer colds are so bad. All that sun and pretty weather is just calling my name and we are trapped in here with snotty noses and popcicles.

After I went to the store today, I realized I was running out of room in my fridge so I just made some corn on the cobb and froze the kernels for a future casserole or soup perhaps. I also made a berry cobbler for my hubby with berries that were almost mushy. He will think I am the best wife ever, he loves baked goods :) My summer goal is to throw out as little food as possible, I hate paying so much for organic food and then throwing it out. I am forcing myself to be very creative.

I scrapbooked a page last night in nine minutes! Woo hoo. Parker was in the shower and brushing his teeth and I was waiting to read him a bedtime story and so I got busy. It turned out so cute. Now I am hoping to steal some more time this weekend to make some cards for upcoming birthdays.

I am hoping to paint a chair I got for $3 at a yard sale this weekend. I am hoping to use it for my desk. $3! Isn't that amazing?

That's it. See, nothing important, just an excuse to log on and check out everyone else's exciting lives. Have a great weekend.

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Kerri said...

I enjoyed your random stuff! I hope we get to see the before and after of your $3.00 chair.
I think it's great you went ahead and painted your son's room instead of playing the waiting game...what a great mom you are!
Oh, and I have never made cobbler before...can you believe it?! I have made peach crisp...but never cobbler. I should try it!